We are a small group of friends who came to know each other through nerdfighteria and are now rewatching the year-long video project Brotherhood 2.0 together.

Katie (katiefab)
Blaze (suchducks)
Valerie (valerie2776)
Lindsay (itfeelslikegold)
Anna (effington)

We encourage you to watch with us and add your own comments!

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Brotherhood 2.0: April 26: Hollywood Meetings

Valerie: I’m so, so, so confused by that Hollywood place John has a meeting at. Why all the stuff? What else goes on there? Despite the meeting going well there has not yet been an An Abundance of Katherines movie and I can only assume that the Abundance of Knickknacks had something to do with it…

Lindsay: I’m not even going to make a comment about John eating an entire pizza in 48 seconds. I’m not gonna do it. This is me not doing that. That does not look like a place that would make movies. Is that an Encouragement in the background? Maybe it’s a shop and the owner was just a fan who thought this would be a clever way to meet John Green. 

Katie: I triple dog dare someone to try to count all of the little decorative bird houses in that Hollywood meeting place. Just from watching this video through one time, my conservative estimation is two-hundred and thirty five.

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April 25th: Helen Hunt

Valerie: Hank’s lips look very strange in this video. Did you know that Helen Hunt saw the song FINALLY on Hanko De Mayo 2011? Flowers and smiley faces all over the restraining order. How cute. :) Also I would like to say that I very much enjoy the way Hank pulls off the brunt/want rhyme.

Lindsay: Hank looks so focused during the entire song. Probably because he’s reading the lyrics or just really concentrating on not screwing up the guitar on his first B2.0 song but it kiiind of ups the creepy factor. That said, this is one of my favorite Hank songs. The Hunt/stunt/brunt/want rhyme just proves that Hank has always been a lyrical gangster.

Katie: God this video. I forgot just how creepy this is. Lindsay’s right that Hank’s expression is mostly really kind of vacant, and I totally agree that it makes it even weirder, but he also has this weird thing going on with his eyebrows? I don’t know, man. Also the way he widens his eyes when he says “in my pants” and the way he gets super close to the camera at the end. Lastly, I bet 2007 Hank was really pleased with making Helen fall at 1:45 line up with her landing in the passenger seat a second later. Kudos, Hank.

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Brotherhood 2.0: April 24: Moving

Valerie: John says it is the 26th, but it is not the 26th. It is great that Judy Blume and John are friends now and that Helen Hunt finally heard the Helen Hunt song (and threatened Hank with a restraining order [jokingly{?}]). And haha John wanted a new intro. THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN.

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April 23rd: Celebrity

Valerie: Rob Bob seems like a swell dude! GIRAFFE SEX!

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Brotherhood 2.0: Carbon Neutralizing Youtube (April 20th)

Valerie: John: *does very elaborate, scary, flowery, useless math* …….. “TWO DOLLARS AND SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS!”

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